There is a large percentage of the world's population in need of dentures. Dentures which are also known as "prosthodontics" are used by many individuals to replace one or more missing teeth. People lose teeth for a number of reasons but the most common are due to poor oral hygiene injuries diseases of the mouth and illnesses.

A denturist is a dental professional who works with patients and helps fit make and place removable dentures into their patients' mouths to replace missing teeth. Denturists do not work strictly in a laboratory. Instead they sit one-on-one with patients and talk with them about their previous dental history they evaluate their patient's situation they take impressions of their patient's teeth and jaw they create the dentures in a laboratory and then they fit the dentures into their patient's mouths and make any necessary adjustments.

According to being a denturist can be a very rewarding career because they "renew the self-esteem" of their patients by helping them look and feel better. A denturist is not a dentist and does not attend dental school. Therefore denturists are not permitted to work with patients needing permanent or "fixed" dentures. A denturist may work in conjunction with a dentist or may work independently.  Would you like to know more about dentistry?

In order to become a denturist it's necessary to graduate from a two or three year accredited program and a license must be obtained and maintained. The average yearly salary for a denturist is between $30000 and $60000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Works in a laboratory and directly with patients.
Makes adjustments to dentures.
Fixes broken dentures.
Helps patients deal with tooth loss.
Also Called: Clinical Dental Technician
Dental Prosthetist
Dental Laboratory Technician
Denture Technician
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