Youth Worker

Youth workers help children and teenagers who lack mentoring which can put them at risk of not developing into mature and responsible citizens. Youth workers provide such assistance to children and young adults who usually range in age from approximately 11 to 19 years old with guidance and advice. They often help youth to set and work towards educational personal and social goals. According to the website youth workers are employed in community and religious organizations schools social service agencies and treatment facilities. Some work full time while others work part time on evenings and weekends. Their tasks and activities vary but the general goal of their job is to meet the needs of those with whom they work and help them develop in the best possible way. The tasks that youth workers perform include organizing activities such as sports and recreational programs or projects that will benefit the community. They may recruit volunteers to help run these programs and projects. When possible they may involve parents and community groups in planning activities that will benefit both the youth and the surrounding environment. They must be good at communicating because they often serve in a mentoring role that will help individuals in their group to develop leadership or other skills. The website says that salaries for youth workers vary depending on location organization specific duties level of education and years of experience. Those with bachelor’s degrees who work full time earn between approximately $16000 and $18000 annually.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $17000
High Salary: $18000
Low Salary: $16000
Tasks: Teaches youth how to be healthy and safe.
Manages community projects.
Befriends and supports teenagers.
Mentors youth.
Also Called: Youth Advocate
Outreach Worker
Youth Activities Organizer
Youth Program Director
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