Youth Counselor

A youth counselor is often called a “school counselor” or a “guidance counselor.” They are professionals who work with children and teenagers and they are generally employed at organizations such as schools governmental agencies and religious institutions. Depending on their employer they have varying job duties. For example youth counselors who work at schools must help students deal with personal issues and disabilities and they must also be available to provide guidance and advice to students on what courses to take and what type of post-graduation school they should attend. Youth counselors who work for a governmental agency typically assist children who need emotional support or who are considered to be “at-risk.” Those who work within religious organizations are usually responsible for encouraging children and teenagers to become involved in the organization’s programs and also provide emotional support and mentoring. According to the most important job duty of a youth counselor no matter the employer is the ability to help children succeed. The website states that youth counselors must have a minimum of a master’s degrees and they must also be licensed by the state in which they work. Some of the personal characteristics that a youth counselor should possess include an ability to be patient to be a good listener and to provide sound advice to the youth needing assistance. Additionally the knowledge of how to effectively communicate and develop trusting relationships with children and teenagers are a must for this profession. According to the typical annual salary for a youth counselor is between $36413 and $56955.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $46684
High Salary: $56955
Low Salary: $36413
Tasks: Helps children deal with a variety of issues.
Provides advice to children and teenagers.
Promotes the success of children.
Advises youth on how to deal with fears and insecurities.
Also Called: Guidance Counselor
Social Worker
Youth Therapist
Psycho Therapist
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