Hypnotherapists are trained professionals who work in a medically-related field helping clients and patients with problems such as addictions and substance abuse weight loss pain management and anxiety. Hypnotherapists make use of hypnosis to treat patients’ physical and psychological problems. The website httpwww.onlinecollegeguru.com says that hypnotherapists have a background in psychology and have at least a master’s but often a doctorial degree in psychology counseling or a related discipline. In addition they are required to become certified which usually involves many hours of course work and passing an examination. Hypnotherapists typically work with one patient at a time. They consult with their patients extensively to understand their problems before they use hypnosis to help them. Hypnotherapists must be motivated to help their patients solve their problems and they must have good communication skills. It is important for them to be emotionally stable and to remain emotionally unattached to the patients they treat. Hypnotherapists work in doctors’ offices and clinics especially those that specialize in holistic medicine. Many hypnotherapists are self-employed and therefore they not only work with patients but they also handle marketing and all tasks involved in the daily operation of their practice. Salaries for hypnotherapists depend on their experience location level of education and training and type of employer. The website httpcareers.stateuniversity.com says that the median salary is approximately $64000 a year.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $64000
High Salary: $74000
Low Salary: $54000
Tasks: Uses hypnosis to help patients overcome addictions and emotional issues.
Puts patients into an altered state of consciousness.
Uses hypnosis to help understand underlying issues.
Understands the power of hypnosis.
Also Called: Holistic Medical Professional
Alternative Medical Professional
Holistic Therapist
Additional Resources: http://www.jobdescriptions.net/health/hypnotherapist/