Correctional Treatment Specialist

Most correctional treatment specialists work in jails and prisons but some work in probation offices and parole agencies where they interview inmates (or parolees) and often administer questionnaires and psychological tests. Based on what they learn they determine the inmate's rehabilitation potential and needs.

According to the website correctional treatment specialists devise education and training plans for inmates that will ease their transition back into the community. They also counsel inmates on issues such drug abuse and anger management. They are responsible for writing reports that detail how the inmate's or parolee's rehabilitation program is progressing.

For incarcerated inmates they may be called upon to give a report on the inmate's progress and provide their opinion of the inmate's suitability for parole. Most correctional treatment specialists have heavy workloads and are often in charge of 100 cases at a time. Correctional treatment specialists must enjoy the challenge of the work because it can be stressful and potentially dangerous.

The website says that correctional treatment specialists have bachelor's degrees in criminal justice psychology social work or counseling. A Master's degree in one of these areas can increase their job opportunities but practical experience is also beneficial.

Before they are hired correctional treatment specialists are screened with written and oral psychological tests and they are often required to earn certification by completing mandatory training programs sponsored by state or federal governments. Job prospects for correctional treatment specialists are excellent.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics annual earnings for correctional treatment specialist range vary depending on location education and experience. Annual salaries range from approximately $29000 to $76000 and there are often benefits such as paid vacations and holidays and health insurance.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $52500
High Salary: $76000
Low Salary: $29000
Tasks: Works with parole officers to develop release plans for inmates.
Attempts to improve inmates' job skills through various programs.
Evaluates inmates through questionnaires and psychological tests.
Prepares case reports on each assigned inmate.
Also Called: Correctional Counselor
Parole officer
Correctional Case Manager
Correctional Rehabilitation Specialist
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