Ship Purser

The name for an accountant who works on a ship is a “purser.” The purser’s department is in charge of all monetary and financial transactions that take place on a ship while it is sailing. The chief purser is also responsible for the entire staff that works in the purser’s department. Depending on the size of the ship there may be one purser or there may be many members of the purser’s staff. Typically big cruise ships employ a large number of assistant pursers in addition to a chief purser due to the many different types of monetary transactions that take place on a big ship – – including hospitality spa services gift shops restaurants and casinos. Not only is the chief ship purser responsible for overseeing this type of accounting but they are also response le for the ship’s budgets processing payroll and managing currency exchanges for ship passengers. The formal educational requirement for the job of a chief ship purser is usually a bachelor’s degree in accounting. However most jobs are given to those who have both a degree and several years of experience in the hotel andor hospitality industry. For an assistant-level purser job there is usually no formal educational requirement. While the chief purser is the individual who oversees the entire purser department on a ship the members of the purser staff are usually the employees who serve as the liaisons between the passengers on a ship and the ship’s crew. According to the website the salary range for a ship purser ranges from approximately $2000 per month for a junior purser to $4200 per month for a chief purser.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $37200
High Salary: $50400
Low Salary: $24000
Tasks: Serves as a ship's accountant.
Manages a ship's budget.
Oversees passengers' accounts.
Acts as a liaison between ship passengers and the crew.
Also Called: Chief Purser
Crew Assistant
Purser Staff
Purser Assistant
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