Ship Pilot

A ship pilot is the person responsible for ensuring that a ship or boat is carefully directed into and out of docking locations and harbors. They are also in charge of piloting ships in oceans on lakes on rivers and in all other types of water. They use different types of machinery and equipment to pilot large ships such as ship-to-shore radios and other navigational tools that help to determine the best possible routes for a ship to take based on weather conditions. Ship pilots are in control of determining a ship’s speed and they are required to pilot ships away from areas containing reefs rocks or other hazards that can exist within bodies of water. While they are not in charge of steering a ship they work with those who do steer and they must provide information and direction to them. In order to become a ship pilot according to it’s necessary to obtain a license from the United States Coast Guard. The license comes with specific limitations on the maximum size boat a ship pilot is allowed to guide and which specific bodies of water that the ship pilot can navigate. In terms of a formal education the requirements include a high school diploma or the equivalent. The website lists the average yearly salary for a ship pilot between $53360 and $61960. The exact salary depends on the location of the ship the size of the ship and the number of years the ship pilot has been working.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $57525
High Salary: $61690
Low Salary: $53360
Tasks: Pilots ships.
Helps guide ships out of harbors.
Uses ship-to-shore radios.
Consults maps and navigation apparatus to determine the best direction for a ship to move.
Also Called: Port Captain
Sailing Master
Ship Master
Marine Pilot
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