Military Pilot

Military pilots are officers that work for the government flying jet propeller planes combat airplanes and helicopters and supersonic fighters and bombers for the air force marines navy or coast guard. They also develop flight plans check on the aircraft instrumentation and submit flight reports after each landing. Military pilots must be alert physically fit have good vision and reflexes and be capable of carrying out their duties and making quick decisions under duress. The website says that a four-year college degree is usually required for this military position preferably with courses in engineering meteorology and computer science. The maximum age they can be when entering a training program is 30. Military pilots must be adaptable because their orders missions and stations can change with little notice. They must be capable of using advanced aviation technology including navigation and communication systems. When they are sent on a mission they carry out duties such as flying above ground troops to protect them carrying out maneuvers to protect air space taking reconnaissance photographs and operating aircraft arms and fire control systems. According to the website military pilots can also be in charge of delivering troops or supplies evacuating people who have been injured or carrying out exercises related to disaster relief. With regard to salaries the website military pilots can make anywhere from $28123 to $155556 per year. Salary levels increase considerably with years of experience and rank.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $91839.5
High Salary: $155556
Low Salary: $28123
Tasks: Flies various types of military aircraft.
Executes combat missions.
Transports troops.
Carries military equipment from one place to another.
Also Called: Army Pilot
Air Force Pilot
Military Jet Pilot
Military Fighter Pilot
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