Mechanic – Small Engine

Small engines include those found in lawnmowers go-carts and motorcycles. Small-engine mechanics work on these types of engines as well the engines of small boats mopeds and various types of small vehicles and equipment. According to small-engine mechanics not only work to inspect repair and maintain smaller-sized engines but they are also usually experienced with the brakes ignition systems and transmissions. Small-engine mechanics usually work in small or large repair shops small vehicle dealerships or as self-employed mechanics. Because small-engine mechanics must disassemble re-assemble install and fix engine parts and pieces an ability to efficiently use various types of tools is necessary. The most common tools used in this profession include screwdrivers wrenches and power tools. Additionally small-engine mechanics must be able to use computers which are often used to complete diagnostic tests on engines. While many small-engine mechanics discover that they have an interest and aptitude for this type of career when they are teenagers some graduate from high school and enroll in a vocational program to learn additional skills. Because it’s important that small-engine mechanics be knowledgeable about electrical wiring advanced courses are usually helpful. While not required for this profession many small-engine mechanics choose to enroll in continuing education courses throughout their career so they can stay on top of new developments in the industry or learn more about a specific type or brand of engine. The website reports that the average salary for a small-engine mechanic is $26000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $26000
High Salary: $31000
Low Salary: $21000
Tasks: Repairs broken small engine equipment.
Works on brakes, ignition systems and transmissions.
Performs regular maintenance on small engines.
Examines and diagnoses mechanical problems.
Also Called: Small Engine Repairperson
Repair Technician
Small Engine Technician
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