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A career as a motorcycle mechanic can be a good match for individuals who love riding motorcycles and also enjoy working on them. Motorcycle mechanics repair as well as service motorcycles. They often also work on motor scooters mopeds dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles. They diagnose problems and perform major repairs such as overhauling engines transmissions and exhaust and ignition systems. They also carry out routine tasks such as replacing spark plugs and brakes. On occasion they may do minor body repairs. Motorcycle mechanics work for motorcycle dealers but some work in shops that repair or customize motorcycles by changing engine parts or adding instruments. However some are employed by the government to service police motorcycles. Motorcycle mechanics usually purchase their own set of hand tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. However most shops have power tools testing equipment and hoists that are needed to lift motorcycles while they are being serviced. There are no set formal education requirements for becoming a motorcycle mechanic although employers prefer to hire individuals with a high school diploma or the equivalent. Courses in small engine repair and automobile mechanics can be taken while in high school and they are also available at vocational schools and community colleges. Programs in motorcycle mechanics can take one to two years and usually award a diploma or certificate when students graduate. However some motorcycle mechanics get the bulk of their training on the job. Once hired employers usually send motorcycle mechanics to training courses when these are offered by manufacturers or suppliers. The website says that the median hourly wage for motorcycle mechanics is approximately $13.70 but those with experience earn up to $22.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $37076
High Salary: $45656
Low Salary: $28496
Tasks: Makes repairs to motorcycle engines.
Adjusts and replaces spark plugs.
Overhauls engines.
Works for motorcycle repair shops or dealerships.
Also Called: Mechanic
Motorcycle Repair Person
Motorcycle Expert
Auto Mechanic
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