Marine Engineer

It takes a team of professionals to design and build a ship. A marine architect is responsible for designing a ship from a structural standpoint and a marine engineer is tasked with creating a design for the ship’s mechanical systems. Besides the design phase marine engineers also often work to maintain and repair marine mechanical systems when necessary. The title of “marine engineer” is broad and many who have chosen this profession actually work with specific systems or specific steps in the ship building process. For example some marine engineers only work on ship engines while others focus on a ship’s pumps. Likewise some marine engineers are highly knowledgeable about prices and estimating how much it will cost to design and build a ship’s mechanical system. Other marine engineers are trained to inspect work that different marine engineers have already completed. Besides of the complexity involved in designing a ship’s mechanical systems the website notes that marine engineers must be proficient with computer aided design (“CAD”) software which they use on a regular basis to draft their blueprints. To become a marine engineer the first step is to obtain a bachelor’s degree with a major in mechanical engineering marine engineering or another related field. Upon graduation many aspiring marine engineers begin their career with the United States Navy or with private boat building companies. According to marine engineers can expect to earn a salary between $78000 and $119000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $98500
High Salary: $119000
Low Salary: $78000
Tasks: Designs ships and boats.
Creates prototype models of marine vessels.
Works to develop ships with the highest level safety features.
Oversees the actual building of boats in a shipbuilding yard.
Also Called: Boat Engineer
Naval Architect
Marine Designer
Marine Developer
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