Marine Engine Mechanic

Marine engine mechanics are experts at completing repairs on boat engines boat electrical systems and the mechanical equipment that keeps a boat running. Most of the work that a marine engine mechanic performs is completed when a boat is located at a dock or a marina. Before repair work can begin marine engine mechanics inspect the engine and run various types of tests to determine where problems exist and why an engine is malfunctioning. After the problem is determined marine engine mechanics use different types of tools to disassemble the engine fix the problem and then reassemble what was taken apart. Both hand tools and power tools are used regularly by marine engine mechanics. Besides making repairs marine engine mechanics also conduct routine maintenance on boat engines. Some of the typical items that are inspected during routine maintenance checks include spark plugs valves propellers and bearings. When these items are broken look worn or are old a marine engine mechanic will replace them. Because this is a profession that takes a high level of expertise and skill it’s important that a marine engine mechanic be a good problem solver have an eye for detail and be confident in their ability to repair engines and other related mechanical equipment. The website states that the most important aspect of learning how to be a marine engine mechanic is on-the-job training and a high aptitude for mechanics. While there is no formal education required for this profession an associate’s degree or graduation from a vocational school can help a person get started in this career. Apprenticeship programs are also available for aspiring marine engine mechanics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median hourly wage for a marine engine mechanics is $16.60 which equates to approximately $35000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $35490
High Salary: $39490
Low Salary: $31490
Tasks: Repairs the electrical and mechanical equipment on boat engines.
Work at docks and marinas.
Inspect and tests engine equipment to find problems.
Fixes and replaces broken mechanical parts.
Also Called: Boat Repair Technician
Boat Mechanic
Engine Mechanic
Marine Mechanic
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