Boats range in size from small kayaks that seat one individual all the way to luxury cruise lines that hold thousands and thousands of passengers. A professional boatbuilder is a person who helps design and construct boats of all sizes and for all purposes. There are several directions a career in boatbuilding can take. There are boatbuilding architects who design boats on paper and determine what materials will be used to construct the boat.

A boatbuilding engineer's job is to determine how a boat's manufacturer will cut the materials used to make the pieces of a boat and how to join them together. A boatbuilding welder has the job of making sure the large pieces that make up a large boat or ship are pieced together correctly. Additionally there are marine "fitters" and marine "electricians" who work on boats' engines and electrical systems inside of boats. Finally there are boatbuilding cabinet makers or "joiners." These individuals are responsible for building and constructing the interior of boats.

According to there are many different types of boatbuilders ranging from small operations to large manufacturers who produce super-sized ships. Boatbuilders who do not work on the manufacturing of large ships may be self-employed and in the business of making custom boats for specific customers. states that the salary range for a boatbuilder is $30938 to $57212 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $44075
High Salary: $57212
Low Salary: $30938
Tasks: Designs and constructs boat of all sizes.
Builds custom boats for specific customers.
Works for large ship manufacturers, such as cruise lines.
Determines the best materials to use for specific boat designs.
Also Called: Naval Architect
Boat Building Engineer
Marine Fitter
Marine Electrician
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