Automotive Service Tech

Automotive Service Technicians have the job of performing routine maintenance on cars and other small vehicles. Some typical routine maintenance services include oil changes and basic rotation of tires. However automotive service technicians are also responsible for more complex maintenance issues and high-level repairs.

Most of todays newer cars contain computer systems and high-tech electrical systems so the technicians working on them must be tech-savvy and able to understand and work with these sophisticated systems. Additionally automotive service technicians must be good listeners communicators and problem solvers because customers often come to a shop for maintenance because they heard a noise in the engine.

A service technician must be able to listen to a description of a problem figure out the cause fix it and then run tests to make sure everything in the vehicle is running properly. Automotive service technicians normally work for car dealerships repair shops businesses specializing in quick service oil changes or they may work independently.

Regardless service technicians often specialize in certain makes and models of cars or in specific repairs – – for example transmissions or air conditioners. The job is usually 40-hours per week but some technicians work on weekends or evening hours depending on the needs of their customers. Most automotive service technicians attend a minimum of a two-year vocational program and then continue to learn on the job for several years until they are experienced enough to hold higher level positions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average hourly wage for an automotive service technician is about $16.88 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $39800
High Salary: $59716
Low Salary: $19884
Tasks: Performs routine maintenance on cars and trucks.
Diagnoses problems in vehicles, and then fixes them.
Tests vehicles to make sure they are functioning properly.
Analyzes data from a vehicle's computer system to determine problems.
Also Called: Mechanic
Engine Mechanic
Auto Mechanic
Auto Repair Technician
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