Automotive Partsperson

For individuals who enjoy being around cars and knowing everything that goes in to making vehicles run a career as an automotive partsperson may be ideal. Automotive partspersons sometimes called auto parts salespersons or auto parts counter workers sell parts for cars trucks and other motor vehicles.

The items sold include spare parts replacement parts accessories and other equipment. Some auto partspersons work for wholesale dealers that purchase parts from manufacturers for many different makes of cars and trucks often selling them to independent repair shops mechanics and service stations. In addition large trucking and bus companies may employ an auto partsperson to insure that their own mechanics have the parts they need to insure the fleet of vehicles remains in good repair.

However the majority of auto partspersons work for dealerships that sell and service vehicles from one or several manufacturers and their main task is to supply parts to the mechanics that service the dealerships vehicles. However automotive partspersons can also sell to walk-in customers and take orders by telephone or email. This work can be physically demanding because automotive partspersons may be required to lift and carry large and heavy items.

In addition to selling parts or supplying parts to mechanics auto partspersons usually are in charge of ordering parts as needed when the stockroom supply is depleted. For this career a high school diploma or the equivalent is required and there is considerable on-the-job training. Business and automotive classes can be useful especially if individuals aspire to eventually become parts managers. reports that earnings depend upon experience as well as a dealers location and size.

Average annual salaries range from $22000 to $39000 and availability of benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans vary by employer.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $30500
High Salary: $39000
Low Salary: $22000
Tasks: Sells parts for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
Sells parts to independent repair shops.
Orders parts for the stockroom.
Lifts and carries heavy boxes for placement in stock room.
Also Called: Parts Salesperson
Auto Parts Worker
Parts Counter Worker
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