Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineers work on the internal systems that operate a vehicle. Some of these systems include the automobiles computer system electrical system and hydraulic system. They may also work on the design aspects of all the parts that when combined together create an automobile that is ready for production and distribution.

Automotive engineers play an essential role in the development of a vehicle. They work on every design characteristic of the vehicle ranging from safety issues to emissions controls. They study how a vehicle will fare in an accident as well as how to make the car as fuel efficient as possible. Because an automotive engineer must be well trained for this career graduating from an accredited automotive engineering program is highly recommended – – even for students who already have a bachelors degree.

Automotive engineering programs require advanced classes in physics high-level math and statistics but it will also provide courses that teach about every aspect of the development of a vehicle – – including all internal systems exterior design engine mechanics and more. Automotive engineers must have a high level of knowledge in many technical areas such as thermodynamics science and mechanics. Many automotive engineers earn a masters degree in engineering before beginning their career.

According to automotive engineers commonly earn between $51432 and 83681 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $67556.5
High Salary: $83681
Low Salary: $51432
Tasks: Helps in the development of an automobile - from ideas drawn on paper to the finished product.
Maintains a high level of knowledge in many technical areas such as thermodynamics, science, and mechanics.
Works on every design characteristic of a vehicle ranging from safety issues to emissions controls and fuel efficiency.
Takes ideas and suggestions from all departments in the vehicle manufacturing process and incorporates them into the design of a new vehicle.
Also Called: Automobile Designer
Vehicle Engineer
Development Engineer
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