Aeronautical Technologist

The main job responsibilities of an aeronautical technologist are installing building maintaining and testing the systems within an airplane or other type of aircraft such as helicopters. This career is highly technical and comes with a large amount of responsibility.

Aeronautical technologists are responsible for working on aircraft that can be worth millions of dollars. Additionally the manufacturers of aircraft are counting on a level of 100 percent accuracy from their employees. Accuracy is essential for the safety of those who will eventually pilot or ride in the aircraft. A high school diploma is usually not enough to obtain a position in this industry.  Earn a degree in aeronautical technology.

Normally the first step to a career in the aeronautical technologist field is to earn an associates degree in aeronautical technology. Many of the courses that must be taken are hands-on so that real-world experiences can be examined. As an aeronautical technologist its important to be comfortable using various computer applications computing high-level math and understanding the laws of physics.

In addition to a degree most aeronautical technologists are also required to be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Also aeronautical technologists must be knowledgeable about the most current safety issues in the aviation industry at all times.

Due to the high level of responsibility that goes along with this career the salary potential is approximately $55000 but can go higher than $100000 per year. Because of todays extremely elevated focus on aircraft safety it is expected that the outlook for this career will remain very strong over the next decade with the most jobs being offered from the United States military as well as the largest aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $74798
High Salary: $110700
Low Salary: $38896
Tasks: Tests systems within aircraft.
Works on aircraft.
Works for the U.S. military or large international aircraft manufacturers.
Remains knowledgeable about airplane safety issues.
Also Called: Airplane Mechanic
Airplane Builder
Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Tester
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